PU blank, polyester resin for Futures fin boxes, then epoxy???


I’m fairly new to board building, and I’ve been working with PU blanks and PE resin so far.  I’m going to try my hand at epoxy on the next three boards.  They are all PU blanks with Futures fin boxes.  I was thinking of installing the boxes with PE resin with catalyst, then doing the first patch over the boxes with UV resin, so I can jump on the lamination sooner.  Will there be a bonding issue with the epoxy over the PE resin for the fin patch?

It’s supposed to be in the eighties this weekend where I live, then get colder next week.  I was going to try and jump on the epoxy while it was warm, and the above plan would save me some time.

What do you think?


sink the boxes with polyester - then laminate with epoxy.  no need to do a seperate step to put patches over the boxes.  put patches on when you lam the bottom.  that will work fine.  make sure your epoxy resin has the proper UV protection to use with urethane blanks - i have had trouble in past doing epoxy over urethane.

There are no bonding issues!