PU Resin Question?


My names Utah.

Long time reader. First time poster.

My question is: What is the, what is ethical is not always legal way to dispose of polyester resin?

I called a supplyer who told me to put catalyst in it, let it set, then throw it in the garbage?

I don’t know??? any glassers out there???

Thanks, Utah

Howzit Johny, As long as the resin is in a liquid state you can't dispose of it legally. Don't know why he told you not to catalyze it since that's what I do with old resin past it usage time. Just don't add a lot of catalyst ( miight start a fire which could lead to an explosion in the can. I did just that about a week ago. Aloha,Kokua

Thanks, Kokua. I appreciate it.

try to be creative, if you have resin you don’t want make a panel or trap some spiders or scorpians for the kids.

I guarantee you have a household chemical waste disposal facility near you if

you’re anywhere near the big cities.

We have one here, they take all my used solvents, dirty cans and confirmed

that they accept resins.

Bonus…it’s free to dump stuff there…e-waste and everything.

It’s a no-brainer.

Kakua is right just mix up a batch good and hot kick it off and throw it in the trash. Do the same think with your epoxy resin, once it is kicked it is not considered haz waste. For your empty containers just drain as much of the liquid from them punch a hole in them and dump them in the trash also.

Get a 5 gal bucket and fill it with kitty litter. Dump whatever you have left that’s liquid in there. At the end of the day, lift out the clumped-up resin and throw it in the trash. Don’t leave partially filled containers with either poly or epoxy to sit and smoke, you don’t need those fumes added to what’s curing on the board.

Take the extra resin and some cloth and make some fin panels.