Punch Surfboards?

Anyone ever heard of that label? A guy has a fish with that lam on it and he thinks it’s a Lis.

I am highly doubtful

Saw that on collectors blurb.

See photos

They say it all

“want ta be Lis” ;-{)=


No way is that a Lis.

  Fully agree.

What does Want to be mean???

SammyA, straight up I respect your vast surfing history knowledge.

Bill T. you already know I have been humbled by your wealth valuable knowledge.

Just wish I was a Hell of a lot young and worthy of your tools!

Eh, never hang it up look @ Bolen and Ole!

“The stoke of the NEXT board” can get your ass up.

The Steve Lis “Fish”

Well known and contributed in the twin evolution.

EZ to get the template and details.

Here’s my treasure…

My guess is that whoever built that board was trying to copy a Lis. Thus, “wanabe” (aka wannabe) Lis fish.

Funny thing. I Googled “Punch Surfboards” and one of the top links was a story about Nat Young getting his face rearranged.