Puta Vida Surfschool Costa Rica

I live in Costa Rica my brother inlaw died and Im keeping the school together.in Playa Jaco I have been repairing a mountain of surfboards and giving surf lession and good help is hard to find any ideas out there ?

how much r you paying?

Puda Vida school 2 hour Lessons are $50.00 per  person, 15 min  class on beach on water safety. and  technical training then for a ocean surf.  We pay  $10.00 to help the instituter with the other students pushing people etc and with  coaching the customer wile your out in the ocean making sure they are safe don’t drown. We are also are lifeguards if needed , surfboards Repairing in the shop $ 20.00 min just to take the board to the shop depends on how good it comes and how cost efficient it was when it’s completed. If your good that would make my life more easier and you would get paid real good for Costa Rica.

Thaks for your response


      Howzit piranha1, How is it getting materials down there? every time we went we took our own but never needed it except 1 time when the airlines did a number on one of my friends boards. Aloha,Kokua

Whazup Kokua, Good question. I’m not sure about getting materials threw airlines and immigration It;s hit or miss, Its the same when you by supplys from panama but not to much problems because they well say something if you say something or declare it, and all you do is return it back to were you bought it or leave it . Lamination reason is here in costa rica and it’s cheaper becouse of less tax for hazard wast management well I thing so I lived here for quit a wile not sure what the price is in the states any more. They buy from Mexico but its hard to find becouse the other boards builders buy it up by the drum from fibrocentral in san jose  I can get good blue lam reason but it does get bought up fast and they well try to seal to unsuspecting board builders or repairers some other stuff but you would not be fooled . epoxy is here to and works real good but it is very expencive .I use this clear stuff it works fine for ding repairs it about 22,00 a gallon.I used it to make a board for just a fun project and the fiberglass got to crunchy when you stood on it. Lam reason is about 40.00 a gal For a big project I would order a drum or I could find out when the next shipment comes in and jump on it if you planing to make a surf run down here I well buy any left overs from you when you leave back.

Pura Vida


Had problems with the municipally here in jaco costa Rica Not sure what’s
going to happen but all the surf schools in Play Jaco are closed the long
timers are working together to iron things out. I think it’s just that this
time of year the schools now are starting money and the city wants some money
or something. We do most of the lifesaving there anyway, well I mean mostly the
younger Instructors I just don’t fell like it anymore save my energy for
surfing Just kidding I would help anyone in the water  as long as they don’t try to droned you when
you get close to them Both of my brother-in-law’s made that mistake and had to
push them away to save them self’s  and the
people droned, use a surfboard it’s safer 

Hi Piranha1, I think I may have met your brother inlaw last August while I stayed at the Best Western in Jaco', My sister inlaw Indira introduced me to a husband and wife team that was running a school behind the hotel, My condolences to you and your family. You may know my brother inlaw Marvin Perez ( Jaco' lifeguard ) or my other brother inlaw Yorshua Mendez. Yorshua gives surf lessons part time and works at Crocs casino and resort, he's a hard working clean kid and loves to surf daily. Hope everything works out for you, I will let him know your looking for help, don't think he knows much about repairs though, he takes his to "The surfboard factory" shop in Jaco'. I'll look you up next time I'm down, take care –Art


Responding to your message from six years ago.Just now recovered my massages from Swaylocks

yes Marvin did Manfurds (memorial service paddle out) Very well do I might add. I see Marvin all the time on the beach a real nice guy takes his job serious too.

Thanks for you condolences



Haha, it’s only been 2 years and You had alot going on then, hope things are better. Glad to hear you know Marvin, he’s a good guy and does care about his job and the people he trains for ocean rescue. Again Sorry for your loss, seems I’ve gone to alot of paddle outs the last few years. I heard someone once say that when we see a wave breaking with no one on it, our friends that have passed are riding them, nice thought! 

Take Care -Art