QLD accom.

Hi Guys,

After a bit of advise/help.

Heading to the Sunshine Coast (QLD) in march next year for 2 weeks.

With the wife 2 little one’s (4 & 3) & my 80 year old parents & a new 5’8" fish.

l’ve been a few times with a mate & always slept where ever the waves were.

Need to know a good place to stay - ie close to a safe beach, waves,

shops, eateries etc etc… as we won’t have any wheels ( unless Noosa fires)

Alex Headland, Coolum, Caloundra seem to be the pick???

Any help would be great


Sunshine beach area is best. Consistent quality and large stretch of uncrowded fun beach breaks. some nice cafe’s and better scenery and atmosphere than a lot of the sunshine coast.

and its only a small walking distance to Noosa’s fabulous points! bonus! and the waves at Sunshine are normally bigger than Caloundra, Coolum etc.

id have to agree

you can walk around to A bay when everywhere is flat

and still get waves

sunshine beach is usually 2ft bigger then anywhere else south

pretty wild when the onshore kicks in with lots of rips

theres a good camping ground there as well on the beach

caloundra is my home town though so id go there

theres a headland so you can get clean surf in a south east or a north east

and the beachies are good like curramundi or wurtulla

Try accomnoosa.com.au or something close to this they have it all.