Quad Concaves

I’ve done enough searching on this but can’t find the answer I’m looking for. I know other people have asked this before, but is it beneficial to run a concave through each pair of fins and then also in between the inside fins and the stringer? Sort of like how a bonzer uses the double concave. Or can I just make single to double or even just a flat bottom if I want? I want a smaller, wider quad for mushier waves that is fast and can get a little air. I know the Stretch F4 has subtl single to double V out the tail. But my question is would flat, single to double, or just single work or do I have to shape the concave according to the quad fin placements?

I’ve got a single to flat out the tail fish quad that goes well. I also have a slightly rolled, nose to tail, that also goes well.

It depends a lot on rocker…as a rule, less rocker, less contour.

Subtle singles, single/doubles work good.

Use what has worked for you.

I prefer more single than double.

I was just referring specifically to there being a need or not to having a certain concave with respect to a quad setup or it doesn’t matter. It just seems that a bonzer needs special concaves, but I wasn’t sure about quads.