Quad fin help

Im new here and im building my first quad its a 6’0 retro fish need help with the fin layout tail depth is 5 1/2 tail 17 mid 20 1/2 nose 14 1/4 its almost 3’’ thick it will used for small mush waves in north east Fl Thanks in advance

Welcome LilC! Board looks good!

You might want to thin the tail out a little…

There have been a BUNCH of threads about quad placement.

Check this out to get some ideas:


Seems to me with a wider tail, you’d be best off putting the fins on the rail say 1" - 1 1/4" from the rail.

As far as distance from the tail, probably put the back of the back fin about inline with the crack.

If I were you, I’d kinda use those #'s as a general guide, then just eyeball what looks good with your outline/rocker then take some measurements and put your dots…

Are you glassing 'em on or going with a box? If you’re unsure about placements, an adjustable box is fantastic.

Is this your first board altogether or just your first quad?

I use FCS Fusion I havent had any problems with them and im not to key on cutting in my glass work Thanks for the advice one question why thin out the tail

Its my 3rd board but first quad

I found something posted that has front fins set 11 7/8 from tail and back 7’’ front 1/4 toe back 3/16 1’’ off rail would the be loose or give more drive I would like some input sorry for all the questions

Why thin out the tail

to me the tail looks way too thick.

It would be easier to sink it to turn the board with a thinner tail.


Im thining out the tail this is only my 3rd board so any advice is greatly helpful Thank to all that are helping me along the way

Do an archive search.  Plenty of info there.  Also try the Mckee website.

That sounds pretty good for this board. I~d drop them back half an inch but all those in from the rails and toe ins sound good.

Try fin boxes which let you adjust the fin set up… You can make a board which can work in a wider variety of conditions.

Another thing is being able to try different fins - I’ve experienced big differences by changing the rear fin(s).

I’m still in love with my 4-ways, and am stoked to get to my next one.

One thing to consider in regards to others’ fin set up experiences…  You may not ride the same board the way they do…

I use FCS Fusion

This is why adjustable boxes are important IMO

Hey Chrisp, do you like fully adjustable ones or just the slide back and forth ones?

Some of those ones with one tab, It’s amazing they don’t snap off