Quad fin templates for 6' fish & UK wood sourcing?


i have recently got a a Miget Smith Hobie 6 'x 21"x 2 1/2" which i love! i came with a set of Rainbow speed dialers which are lovley but as i didn’t shape this board i want to personalize it by making my own fins. I am looking for something not too progressive but that will give me a more retro down the line feel like my old twinny but with the looser sharper turning of a quad. I was looking at Mandala’s rainbow fins which are nice, but has anyone got any ideas or templates that you think would work well?

Aslo i am looking for some good wood or veneer to make my own ply in the UK, i am also intreeged by Bamboo. Does anyone know where to source some that isn’t gonna kill my pocket or is enough to floor a ball room in the UK?

thanks Ben