quad fins ....

just wondering …

what are the smallest sized quad fins people here have used on their four finners , whether thruster or fish outlines ?

I am wanting to give some GS / GL sized templates [fcs] away , anyone here ridden a board with FOUR of these on it ?

results ?

swell / board size used ?

cheers !


i converted my board i have YU’s for the front & GL’s on the back this has been work best for me

I used four equal sized small Al Merricks - it seemed slow on the first “push”. Small Als in front, big Als in back were nicer, it felt like I could pump it rail to rail better - but I switched to fiberglass fins before I got the full effect. I think there is potential to explore!

thanks for the replies guys [it took me ages to re-find this thread]

I have four fibreglass fins I made that are slightly larger than the fcs ‘GS/ GL’ template …[maybe ‘popeye’ can test pilot these one day this autumn / winter !]