Quad Fish-finished!

Hey guys, to update my earlier post-got this one finished yesterday, had my mate do a gloss acrylic spray to seal it up and had my 1st surf yesterday in 1-2ft small short summer waves. Lots looser than my twin keels, I can’t wait to get into some nice long point waves to really get a feel for how it goes & compare the amount of drive with my keel fishes, some lefts too to see how it handles on my backhand…made with Swaylocks knowledge, thanks everyone!

Looks good mate, bet its gunna fly down the line in kiaks, ah the right hand point break setups are so so nice.

1/2 way thru my quad fish but without the stingers.

have fun on it.


that thing is sick I reckon. Angry flyers (wingers) should drive real nice.

Plus that orange tint is great! do a big carve for me! Pics and words on

how it goes, please.

yeh bro

hell sic.

right on. looks awesome. yes please, pics of how it goes.

Thanks for all the kind words, hopefully we’ll get some of our good old summer E-NE swells soon so I can give yas a decent performance report…

looks like in the next two days cody

great stuff mate !

you got a closeup shot of the fins please ?



What did you shape into the bottom ?

Flat, single, single to double?

Definetly let us know how it goes in bigger surf.

Is that a paisley cloth inlaid into the fins or the reflection of the grass???

The board looks mint by the way!!! Pick a line, hands behind your back, squat…and hit mach-10…Faaaaaaaaassssst???

The bottom contours are a very slightly rolled belly in the first third, a VERY light single concave under the front foot going to a shallow (1/16") double concave through the fins, to flat behind the fins. The fins are a Maori print fabric laid onto the finished fin, then glassed over when the fins were glassed on. Thanks again for the kind feedback!

SO killer sick bitchin’ rad

Try to pop a rear off for Sway’s!


(I must have your recipe for Maori cloth inlay speed dialer fins!)

Man, you’ve got me going now.

What are the dims on that little rocket ? I think you’re about the same height and weight as me.

I’m planning on making one for myself in the new year- got a couple of questions but I’ll save those for another thread.

Tutai wera !

Nuclear-the dims are 5’10.5"x20"x2.5" thick, so it’s a bit more “shortboardy” than my other fishes. I’m 6’2, about 90kgs and it seems to float me/catch waves pretty easily, which proves to me that width, especially in the tail, is much more important than thickness when it comes to wave-catching!