Quad fish, what do you think of it ?

Hi everybody,

I’m gonna ask a friend of mine to shape me a fish.

But I’ve seen that the “canard quad” with double wings is supposed to be even more quick than the calssic twin fin fish…

Can anybody tell me what he thinks about that ?

What are the difference in riding ?

And what would be the best sizes for me as far as I am a medium level surfer, I’m 6 feet tall and I weight around 70 kilos…

Thanks for your answers !

All ze beast !


And if someone as something to say about the best rails to shape on such a board (50/50 or very sharp or something else ???) and if someone as a template, that could help my friend !

Thx !


Dude, there’s a million ways to surf a fish, a million more to shape a fish, and it all works well with the RIGHT combination!

You can’t isolate two characteristics and try to make it work any kind of way, as all the combinations have to come together.

If you’re not shaping it, and don’t know how and why, let the shaper decide. He’s done it a few times before.

Hey, thanks for your reply.

I know that there are millions of possibilities for millions of conditions…

I’m looking for a board that could go fast in one foot wave and being able to be still manoeuvrable in 6 feet…

A kind of skateboard for waves to make smooth turns…

the point is that my friend whom is going to shape me this board has no internet and has shaped only a couple of fish. I asked me if I could find any informations to help him in this task…

Thanks !

I said what I said because there are hundreds of shapers making fish style boards currently, and they ALL work well for someone!

You can go all down hard rails, all round rails, or any combination, and it still works. Same with outline, fin config, placment, and actual size…it works for somebody.

And no two identical sized surfers choose to ride exactly the same board. We all have our personal preferences as to all the design criterias we can affect.

And the various shortboard shapers all have their own favorite design criterias, and most often refuse to apply another shaper’s idea on his own boards. Ego maybe, but since it all works anyways, who’s to say which is best?

All right, I understand your point of view, there is no RIGHT shpae, no BEST shape…

I was looking for a discussion, advices and comments on what people have experienced with quad, wings, double concave…


Yes there is more than one way to skin a fish ;=)… As far as a quad on a traditional style fish, For myself I like Twinzers first, twin keel second and quads last… A twinzer set up just suits my style for a fish best. I shape mine with a veed bottom with double concave starting about mid length on a 5’-9" Quads can probably handle double head wave better than a twinzer but when it’s that big I just watch anyway…

i like quads with the rear two fins about 1/64 apart from each other…they ride great! :smiley:

I own both, i’ve got a pavel twin keel, the master template for his c & c cut fish now, its a 5 11’’ +3/4 and 2’’ 3/4 thick, with the tapered stringer.

Then i’ve got a Mandala flex tail double winged quad. 6’ and 2’’ 3/4

Heres what i think,

The twin kneel is faster, but stiffer,

The quad is looser, but slower, the classic trade off!

One example, this may only apply to me, the quad rotates and releases much easier off the top, where the keel would bog and hang up.

I’m with Ben on this one. The twinzer is great setup for my styling of surfing. However, I’ve added a little twist to my board, kind of a reverse twinzer. It has the same thrust and control of a twinzer but is less “slippery”. IMHO


The twin kneel is faster, but stiffer,

The quad is looser, but slower, the classic trade off!

i’ve been gathering information on shaping bonzers, and there was a discussion on the campbell bros.’ site about the 3-fin bonzer vs. 5-fin bonzer. the response was that the 5 covers roughly the same area as the 3, but since it’s cut up, the 5 surfs looser and snappier…as opposed to the long arcs and more drawn out turns that you get from a 3. i imagined this would translate similarly to a fish, and your comment seems to back that up pretty well.


i like quads with the rear two fins about 1/64 apart from each other…they ride great! :smiley:

hi Alberto !

Do you have a photo or two of your board with that setup , please ?

I’d like to see that …

And , is that a double winged quad ?

who made it ?

cheers !


Ben, its a joke…1/64 apart from each other is pretty much no separation…therefore the trailer fin of a thruster. Just being silly here. :wink: But the double wing swallow on the archives its one of my boards. Great little fish to tear up when there is nothing but crappy conditions around.

Just for the record can one of the Bens please post a picture of a Twinzer vs a Quad fin.

Thank you


“different” thread , from a coupla months ago…


another question on the topic. Pavels new quad, the ‘Quan’, is a quad with double to single concave, double bumps on the tail. Manny’s Turbo Quad Cutaway has the bumps as well but the bottom differs with a single into double bottom concave. What is the performance difference on these bottoms?