quad for summer

Hopefully PlusOne will chime in on this one because I value his opinion as well as others. Great glass job on my last board by the way. Getting ready to shape myself a quad for the summer. My 6’2"C is in my hands (with 2.5" out of the center) and I’m getting ready to mow some foam. I ride a thinner railed board much better but how can I combine the beef I’m looking for in a shorter board with that rail combination. Have I confused anyone yet? Any help would be great. Also how about a single to double concave for that fin combination? Thanks in advance.


Hey AG,

good to hear from you. I know what you mean by wanting to have a thin rail, I also like having the board thin where I stand. I came up with a design (“came up” is relative as the concept has been done by countless others from Texas to Oz) for myself that has the paddle but a thin deck and thin rail. You can see pics on our website under the section called Special Projects.

If that seems a little too extreme, I’d say something like an 80’s rail would go well. Being sure to make that steep, wedge-shaped rail that feels thin at the outer perimeter and is full in the hand by the time it reaches your fingertips. As an added treat (for myself) I would put about 1/8" of concave in the deck

Single/double works insane for quads, I don’t know if I’d do single to double, more like double within the single. Fastest has been a single all the way through fading past the fins to flat off the tail (anticipate either a rocker kick off the tail and/or vee to keep the thing lively) with a double going through the fins and off the tail. Realize where you have Max depth of the single, and from that point back, start your double, increasing as the single decreases. Perfect for those pathetic summer days coming up soon…

Good Luck,


i dont know how heavy you are but i thinned my 6’2 down really thin, added a concave deck and bottom, and can paddle it easy when the surf is small and clean. the key is to go wider, a wide thin board will paddle slow but catch waves better then a narrower board, and for small summer waves all that planing surface is a freakin dream come true. mines a single concave with shortboard rails and 6.5" deep twins. 5’10"x17"nx23"x17"tx2"


Single/double works insane for quads, I don’t know if I’d do single to double, more like double within the single.

that’s a good call because it helps you engage your entire bottom-curve early and keep control of your manoeuvre… and, do it quickly

Thanks for the reply. The double within the single - would the stringer remain on the same plane as the rail or be lower due to the initial single con? Being the novice shaper I’m not to sure how to blend the deck concave into the rail. I guess trying is the only way to find out. I didn’t want a traditional fish outline but a more shortboard outline. Any suggestions on the wide point? I was thinking about 2 - 4 inches behind center. Again - thanks for the advice, it’s nice to have various opinions.


You’ve got it on all counts.

The stringer will be lower all the way to almost the tail.

Set the WP back about 2"