Quad Gun Fin Placement???

Shaped this 9’8" yesterday.

V in the entry.

Flat through the middle.

V off the tail.

Tucked rails.

Followed the 99A rocker.

I am lost in regards to fin placement…


8-6 quad

Chris, I’d suggest you try fin dots approx 7" and 13" up, 1 1/4" off rails, 1/4" toe in fronts, slightly less for rears. double check toe in with long straightedge to nose of board.  I like the rears aimed 1-2" off nose, rears 2-3" off nose; your eyes should aid here.  If it don’t look right, it’s probably not.   All measurements can vary based on fin choices.  Measure twice, route once.  More cant on front fins than rears, too, but not too much on any of them.  I’d be thinking 3.5 degree rears and 5 fronts, or thereabouts.  Tape the fins in position (like for glass ons) and look it over before you decide.

I’d be tempted to go with thruster setup on that board, but quad can be fun too.  YMMV.


Apples to oranges, but you may find some useful info here. The fin placement I ended up with has worked out great for me. http://www.swaylocks.com/forums/quad-fin-placement-fun-gun  For serious waves there was a big wave quad thread awhile back, you might try archives.


Thanks fellas…

Keith, I am thinking that I will drop a center box also.

I will be using 4WFS for this board.

Hey Chris, where you gonna paddle that thing out at? 

I am now up in your neck of the wood (atleast I’ve heard through the grapevine).

Would love to meet up for a surf someday. I may or may not have some boards you may be interested in giving a go. 

Does your wife know what you intend to do with that board?  Mike

You keep your mouth shut Rooster!

Hah! Loose beaks…lose peaks Mista Roosta. Hope you all get a chance to see it in action at Plasket.

Chris, if you find a need for that at plaskett, I’ll be watching from the top of the cliff. Sure is nice looking