quad longboard fin reccomendations?

So having a favorite shaper make me a racy 9'0 x 16.5 x 21 7/8 x 13 3/4 RP longboard.  Having it set-up as a quad with  longboard box so I can ride it both 2+1 and as a quad if really walled up.  Front fins at 16.5", back fins more like the Rusty set-up I prefer, splitting the distance between the rail and stringer.

So…any quadaholic longboarders out there who can offer some feedback on some quad longboard set-ups to try out?  Looked at the McKee page, he reccomends M2 front and back, fairly small matched fins. Typically on my mid-length quads, I ride MF1 fronts and 4" double foiled or 80/20 rears depending on condtions. Board will be used in outer bar OH to DOH cold water beachbreak.

thanks for any and all

I have a 9ft lb with quad plugs mckee distances from tail but  rears are on close to rails I have surfed it with g5 front and small bonzery keely rears aprox 4x3   worked but not inspireing, did't feel like enough fin. but with large fronts think mr tx template and the small runners in the rear buckets of drive and highline speed. It does have very deep concaves running out the tail though. I'd be interested to hear how the board goes.