Quad placement on channelled board advice

Ok so have tried to base my 3rd handshape off an Omni. Buuut my channels are wider than that of the Omni putting my quad fins INSIDE the channel as opposed to the inside edge ON the channel.
Do I put the quads in the channel or move them half a box to the edge of the channel? Will it make much difference?
Please ignore the general wonkiness of my shaping and help me please! Haha

I would try to get the back dot of rear quad to be 2 1/ 8 inches off the rail. …1 /8 inch or a little less point at nose ,over a base lenght of 3 3/4 …hopefully box ends up inside on the flat of channel… quads usually at about 5. 1/4. From tail …

So you reckon full box inside the channel? Cause where the Omni I measured has its quads, but my channels are wider, so at that measurement they sit in the channel where the Omni has the chann edge go thru the middle of the box. Confusing?

Maybe just come out a little then…so box fits on top of the channel …could go foward a little…not much more than 5 3/4 from tail… see what looks normal…if it looks simple …not cluttered …should still go…

Awesome. I’ll see how I go! First time doing a quad setup too.

Also, I might be taking this board to extreme DRY and hot temps when it’s done. Should I install a vent? It’s high density EPS