Quad set up- Fin boxes and cant

I had a question for anyone who would like to respond.

Its’ about quad-fish fins…

When putting in future boxes for the side fins and the back fins. Which box are you using for the back box? The thruster straight up box or the side future boxes?

Does the cant of the fin come in the fin or the box or both?

What Cant are you setting your front fins at? and what fins are you specifically using on your boards.

What cant are you setting your back fins at? And what fin model are you using for the back side-bites.

I’d also like to know if there is a different set up for a quad fish and quad-bat tail-high-performance boards?

also, what tow should be set on the back fins? if any?

Any info would be greatly appreciated?

thank you,

Hey 3rdreef,

I have been using the 3/4" box (side box) for my rear fins, but I suppose you could go with the center box.

I have used the John Carper (I think) set of fins, the ‘plastic’ ones ordered from fiberglasssupply (they never seem to have the quad set in stock) and I get an extra trailer fin, so that is 2 of the trailer fins for the rear set. The front fins have a built in cant of 6 degrees and the trailers are straight up.

I have done a performance board for a friend of a friend using that set of fins and set the cant of the front at 6deg. and the toe-in at 3/16" and the rears at 90 deg. cant and 1/16" toe.

I am doing a quad fish right now and have set the front fins with 6 degrees cant, 1/8" toe-in and the rears straight up and parallel to the stringer. I am using the same set of fins, but my plan is to make myself a set of canard quads out of ply with bases to fit the Future boxes.

Hope this gives you some ideas.