Quad set up for a 6'8"

I want to put a Quad set-up on a new fish I am building. I want to put keels in the front and a set of fcs in the rear so I can try different set ups. Any idea on placement of the fins and fcs plugs?

I’m not much for spec’in fin placement without seeing the board, seein how the rider surfs, what size, what size waves intended, and what turning characteristics the rider wants in his new board.

You know there is no set parameters for quad fin placement, as tight clusters make for sharp turns with a tight sweetspot, wide clusters make for wider sweetspot and sometimes, wider turns.

If you are a front foot surfer, fins forward can help immensely, while a back foot stomper wants the tight cluster further back.

Then you gotta place the fins ON the bottom of the board, look at the outline and profile, and figure out where the sweetturning spot of the board should be…then act accordingly.

Sorry, I am of no help.

Actually LeeDD I took your advice. I placed the keels where I thought the sweet spot would be and I will follow-up with the fcs after I grind down the keels. Thanks again. Troy