quad set-up question


maybe anyone could help me a bit with a quad fin setup. I just bought my first quad-fish ever (a 6’2’’ Tolhurst surftech model) and I am not sure about the fins. It came from the shop with 2 FCS M.R. TX fins and two smaller M3’s for the rear. Is this a reasonable set-up? The M.R.'s seem quite huge. I sadly won’t be able to surf it until next week, then I will find out at latest :).

Thanks for any comments,



I’d say give it a shot and think about how it feels. It will feel different than anything you are used to if you’ve not surfed quads before; give it a few solid sessions to start getting a feel for it and understand it. If you have extra fins that are the same system; then try swapping them around or borrow a set or two from friends.

They are certainly big fins… but they’re not necessarily too big. Plus, how much do you weigh? …the fins you’ll want if you weigh 100 lbs are different from if you’re 180… But definitely give them a shot and try swapping around once you start to get the hang of these ones; then you’ll understand the effects of the fins on that board rather than just defaulting to whatever set makes it feel the most like your previous boards. Plus you want to get a feel for the effect of different fins so that you if you decide you want to use a different set you end up with a set that you know will function rather than just guessing at it or entirely taking someone else’s suggestion. There’s a lot of personal preference to be taken into account.

Most of all: Enjoy the new board!!!

FCS offers their “test drive” service at some local surf shops. You can try out all their fins out and see what works for you. Different fin designs can make a substantial effect on how that thing rides (especially a quad).
Here is a link to their site, click on “test drive” to see if there is a place near you.

Hi, thanks first of all!

I’m definately looking forward to the ride and the feel of the new quad. Only surfed single fins and thrusters before, so i am quite keen for something new.

the testcenter idea seems great, thanks for the link! I’ll first try the set-up from the shop and then play around a bit.

I weigh around 160 lbs. My main ‘concern’ was the size difference between the front and rear fins, because I think I read somewhere that most quad set-ups have all 4 fins in simmilar sizes and only in twinzer set-ups there is a big difference between the fins (though the small ones in the front and a different angle ?).

But I just try and learn about the options.