Quads & Double Foiled Fins Theories

Never tried double foiled fins on a quad, but then again I’ve only had one quad. My concern with trying double foiled fins on a quad is that a double foiled fin may not favour either rail or is neutral as I like to put it.

The reason being (I think) is that double foiled fins are double foiled. Not single foiled. I think a few posters have mentioned double foiled fins and quads before but to my way of thinking a double foiled fin belongs in the centre of the tail like on a thruster or single fin. Not out on the rail like twins or quads.

Feel free to tell me I’m talking out of my avatar.

I rode a friends quad with doubled foiled rear fins and did not like it. I built a board and used four future side boxes and I really like it. The double foils in the back feel tracky to me, like it has a mind of its own. I think the other fins systems are probably better for that reason. With futures, I think you are locked in one way or the other.