Quads for SUP"s

I have an 8’10" x 32" wide shaped by Art Coyler.  I like the feel of the Quad setup for knee to head high beachbreak. I am looking for fins that will increase speed of turns in small surf.  Does anyone have experience with the Stretch quad on a paddleboard?  The reviews only relate to surfboards and as this board sits so high in the water lift is not a factor. I am 6ft. and 200 lbs.,any help would be greatly appreciated

I have 2 sets of stretch quads that I’ve used on kiteboards and a 9’ hovie SUP. The stretch fins drive well, are fairly fast and forgiving but are kind of boring. I prefer using Future F4 QD 3.75’ quad fins. They have more camber and you can actually feel the board lift up in hard turns so it’s a litle more exciting and a looser ride.