Question about Ricky Carroll Longboards

Does anyone know much about the Ricky Carroll Performance Longboard? I noticed that it comes with the option of quad fin setup with chined rails: how should this affect the performance?



You can’t go wrong on one of Ricky’s boards, cares about the quaity of his shapes, very competent surfer, former pro, always gave me a very tough run for my money in contests, won 2 of the Sacred Craft shape off’s, how often do I give props to my competition ?

If you tell Ricky what you want to do and what waves you surf, you will get a great board.  I have ridden his boards, even against him in contests.  He is a great shaper.  The chines do work.  I don’t ride them now (guy on my street, Buehn, is an exceptional longboard shaper), but could easily hang five on one of his 8’2" stubs with scooped out nose and chine.

Thanks for the information!

Picked up one of his performance longboards the other day and I have got to say that it is the best board that I have ever ridden!!