Question about Ricky Grigg

Did Ricky Grigg die last year ?

i know it’s a morbid question but I had the honor of surfing with him 2 yrs ago on OAHU and my wife had a witness today who said that he died a year ago from cancer. I can’t find any information anywhere if this is true. Can anyone clear this up for me.

Thanks Tom

I haven’t heard word of this. He’s listed in the phone directory. Name: Richard Grigg Occupation: professor, U of H. Must be him. Call him up and see if he’s there.

He’s listed in the phone directory. Call him up and see if he’s there.

didn’t find any bad news, but I found a good article about him. This is worth a read:

The waterman’s waterman!!! no doubt. he was an instructor at UH when i was in grad school there----sometimes his classes or seminars would get cancelled for unknown reasons---- then one day i went out to north shore and there he was on the peak at sunset----question answered.

I spoke with Ricky just last week. Sitting in OCC lanai with my new board, waxing up for the first time. He came by and, though we only know each other to say hi, admired my board… stokamoto! He has lost a lot of weight in the last year or so, cancer I think I heard.

Thank you Charlie

One of the greatest moments of my life was surfing with Ricky at Laniakeas.