Question about UV cure

I’m planning to go with a UV cure for my next board when it’s ready for glassing but need to know if the resin used is the same stuff as I would usually go with? Is it just the catalyst that’s different? Where the hell can I get this UV catalyst from in the UK? For hot coat do you still add the wax in styrene to the mix and is it the same quantity as for MEKP catalysed resin?

Any help or advice would be good, if the help I need is in the archives please accept my appologies and give me some directions to it.

Thanks in advance

Jase (MMM)

the UV stuff is a powder. I think about 4 teaspoons in the bag and it does a gallon.

I had some “lam” resin that i added it to and it worked fine for lam. Then I add the SA and that worked fine too. then I didn’t have any sunlight, so i added the MEKP and it worked fine but seemed a little slower than resin without UV powder. I haven’t used it for gloss. I did use their premixed uv gloss and it worked fine. just leave it in the dark for about 15 min. to let it flow smooth and let the good stuff come to the surface.

I got mine at Surf source. They have a website.

thats about all i know about it.

Thanks, I’ll check them out, see if they will post overseas.

Jase (MMM)