Question for fin makers (wood)

So I harvested some cedar from some red cedar blinds.

My plan is to laminate multiple layers together to make some fins. A set of glass on twins and a few others, why? Why not?

So my question is…

Should I laminate each layer at 90 degrees  to the previous or layer like ply wood or…

The grain all the same way and then cut the templates out with the grain diagonally down the fin…

Thanks in advance awesome people.

Obviously if I go the same way i will over lap the joins.

Ps blending curves has gone awol booooooo!!! I wanted keel fin templates;)


‘Clip’ the fin you want to study, save it as a JPEG, drag it into the desktop version of finFoil, and have at it.

And don’t forget to donate some (beer, coffee, bus, wax) money to and for all their efforts to keep us in templates and software.

Also, check for compatibility/strength between your glue and the finish on the slats. I had a couple fin blanks turn out weaker than expected by edge-glueing old wood with foaming PU.

Picture below is Blending Curves #20 + finFoil, set to be 5 inches deep:


I’ve only made a few, but I think most of the strength will come from the glass, and not from the wood.  So I would line the wood up in a way that looks best, and then put enough glass on to give it strength.  

When laminating that small of pieces, make sure you bridge the “joint” from the first layer. In other words, to get the width you need, it will take multiple pieces to get a five or six inch base. This may take three or four slats. For second ply, use the pieces to bridge over the joint where the previous layer butted to each other. Like in a brick wall. No joints ever line up to make a weak spot. Also, may as well go full boat and invert the orientation of the growth rings. One has the rings looking like a “U” and the next like an “A”. This will make it more stable and move less. This orientation is done in the side by side version for width AND the plys for thickness. Use epoxy for glue and it will bw bullet proof. Best of luck. Hope this made sense.

Cool, looking forward to this one mate… I don’t have to ask for pic’s, do I.


thanks man, there are some good points there.

No you dont have to ask…

There will be pics, probably too many pics…

Here are a couple of templates I have stashed away, one of them from Blending Curves.

Hi sk8ment.  I know this is quaint and old fashioned, but your’re welcome to any of my keel templates. It’ll have to be on paper and sent via Yankee Clipper Ship though.  PM me an address if you want them.  Mike