Question For Ghunt *PIC*

Ghunt, a while back you posted on a thread about the Velzy Classic fin. Here’s what you said. “It turns out it likes the 9 1/2” Velzy Classic, pushed all the way forward in the box. The glide, drive, and overall speed out of the turns is unreal (it’s almost like it’s skating across the water with no drag whatsoever).” My question is, what fin were you using before the Velzy Classic? Have you ever used the Greenough 4A with the same board and if so how do the fins differ. I have a 8’8" x 17.75 x 22.75 x 14.75 x 3", diamond tail, flat to vee bottom, 50/50 rails with a tucked under edge in the tail and single fin. Would you recommend the Velzy Classic for this board. I currently have the 9" 4A which is great for noseriding at point breaks because it draws out a bigger line but I want a fin for beach break waves which I ride the most. Thanks a million, mikey The Velzy Classic is on the left.

Hi Mikey, What you’re looking to get out of your board – performance wise – should help you narrow down your choices. Since everyone has their own personal tastes, the best way is to try out a few different fins in decent shoulder high plus surf. Crank some turns, experiment with different maneuvers, and note how the board behaves. Then move the fin around in the box and take notes again. For your 8’8 I think the Velzy classic could work well, but realize that due to its area you won’t feel as much water resistance when engaging turns as the template on the right. You may also want to look into the 4C & L-Flex, also made by True Ames.