Question for Ghunt

I had a question about that template you made for me. The comet-type/fastback thing. I am now thinking that maybe a 6,6 would be better. I want to be able to weave all over the wave and do figure eights. I am 6 foot and weigh 200. Think that’s too small? I normally shortboard on a 6,10, but it’s a contemporary shortboard, totally different. I plan to use volan cloth for weight. Is there anyway you could re-work those numbers for a 6,6 ? Thanks

ghunt, can you do it for me again? pretty please.

New Shaper/Old School, At that size it’s a lot easier to get a consistent, flowing curve. Did you get a stick to use as a guide yet? Since you already know your nose, width, & tail dimensions, try drawing it out. I think you’ll be surprised how painless creating an outline for a board this size is.

7’ would be better i that point all the elements of that type of design start coming together, thereby giving you better performance.also,the length on boards like that tend to disappear, and will feel and surf shorter, and with that extra length you can keep thickness in the middle which will provide better paddling/flotation , and thin it out at the least that’s been my experince with hulled stubbies…

I’ll keep it like you said in the first place. Thanks Ghunt. Oh, and spinout? I bet your boards do spinout.

be clear on your designs and go with the flow. dig on your own tune. keep it real man. figure eight that Bat Man!