question for Herb re; futura and color...

Say, Herb, about 2 weeks ago I was reading through one of your posts regarding the mop and glow/futura seal deal…but I could have sworn that you might have also added something I might have misread or misunderstood (or maybe the sunstroke was setting in good). Did you say that you sometimes used futura as a vehicle for spraying color!!! Or was I tripping out? If so, sorry…but if I DID see something to that effect, would you please elaborate? thanks, bro! T.

First, NOT mop n glo. Second, just FUTURE . …The others like Iris Supercrylic,mop n glo have cleaners like ammonia,bleach etc.Some also have waxes or other petro-chemical agents in them that are not too good for your mix. …Future on the other hand is just clear acrylic no additives other than water and a scent. …The reason I started using it for other than sealing finished sanded boards was out of demand to replace my canned sealer that was pulled from the shelves 3 years or so ago.It worked!!!Without any problems AS far as I can tell/so far,…I see,regularly boards I’ve done with Future as a paint sealer and they look great.It might also help in UVA UVB protection for the vividness of the colors as well. …Another contraindication to Future is: As paint sits around mixed in a bottle it began to rot,and smells bad!!!If I added a little future to the mix,it covered up the rotting smell completely.To me Future has a very pleasant odor to it. …I started off mixing an ounce to 12 ozs,now most if not all my mixing is done with Future,and only use water to washdown with. …It’s not the cheapest thing to use @ 5 dollars a bottle(like 12ozs),but well worth it.Also guards against tape burn on pre-painted surfaces. …I’m now working with tempura powders(poster paint).and mixing that with Future,instead of using the more expensive latex Acrylics.I have my doubts about how long the paint will last,tempuras tend to fade faster,we will see,what we will see…literally.Herb

Howzit Herb, I think the acrylic thinner I get from Fiberglass Hi. is basically the same mix as future. Here’s the big difference, it’s only about $14.00 a gal… I’d say that’s about 1/3 the price you’re paying and I bet it’s the same. Aloha, Kokua

…Will the thinner seal the blank? …Yeah,I could probably find Future in bulk too,but a couple boards here a couple boards there…it’s nice to go over to my favorite supermarket and pick-up a bottle,it’s almost brainless,which is good these days.Herb

do you use the Future in the paint mix? or just shoot untouched thru an airbrush to seal in the paint before glassing?

…both …and it’s 27 ozs for 4.99 at Target.Herb

HERB!..Thank-you, so much, for your response and for the excellent tip! Makes perfect sense! This is why I love stopping by, here, …you never know what pearls of wisdom you’ll pick up on. I appreciate the expertise by the likes of you and the rest of the folks at this site. There is ALWAYS something extra to learn. Thanks a lot! T.

Howzit Herb, The stuff works great as a sealer. I lay down 3 coats and it looks like the board is glossed. You can even rub it out for some extra shine. Hides any weave after the third coat. I think it’s the same as the future but in a rawer form and not disguised as floor sealer,that’s why it cheaper. Aloha, Kokua

can you also spray on a sanded finish board for some extra seal?

Keep the train ot discussion on water based paint stuff rolling for me Guys - still seeking an Australian equivalent to " Future " A few times using waterbased paint I had trouble with tape lines bleeding… Found if I brushed a little clear along the tape line first to seal it the colour did’nt bleed, but the time consumption is not good … Any further tips!!!

Howzit Teddy, I use a sponge for application, works just fine. Aloha, Kokua

Howzit Josh, the paint bleed was probably caused by thinning out the paint with to much water. when the acrylic content in the paint is to thin it doesn’t adhere to the blank as well as it should. Since using acrylic thinner in the paint I haven’t had any problems. It might be easier for you to find water based acrylic thinner in Austrailia than Future even though they seem to be the same thing. Aloha, Kokua