question for kirk putnam on displacement hull

A while ago I remember you posting a link(I think) to some video of displacement hull footage. I just made an impulse bojorquez purchase and i’m itching to see some video of this idea put to work. Any video suggestions?

Hey I dont know if you have this but longboard mag vol.1#2has a great artical on this subject called mid-lenghts the functional undreground.

I just looked at all of those film clips and have to say that it didn’t look all of that impressive. Yes, Malibu is good and fun to ride, but the guys in the films displayed on “All about surf” had some nice, single fin, cut backs, but not much forward drive and could barley stay in the pocket. I’m not condoning the medium at all; I just don’t see what all the fuss is. I know I should try one of the boards, that goes without saying for sure.

i viewed all of the videos and was very impressed, especially when you consider the fact that this footage is 30 or so years ago! beautiful,stylish,down-the-line surfing by steve krajewski!