Question for the Epoxy Guru's

I have been using West Marine Epoxy to do minor board repairs lately and for some reason, each batch has not been hardening. It will gel and almost harden, but it will never fully get there. I’m thinking this is due to either the temp being too cold or the hardener having not been sealed fully and oxidizing in the can. I am leaning more torwards the oxidation though because in the past I have used epoxy with fine results in 40-50 F weather. Maybe its something else though, anyways I was just wondering what y’all had to say about it if maybe it was not oxidation? Could not really find much info on it in the archives.

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Measure well, mix better, & warm up the room.

With West Systems, I can barely get it to set at 55 degrees, sometimes taking two days, more if I need to sand.

Warm the resin before mixing, keep a heatlamp going in the room.

Measure well, mix better, & warm up the room.


When mixing, be sure to use a clean container with marks for the resin and hardener…don’t do what I did and try to use some sort of measuring cup…resin sticking to the sides screws up the volumes…measure, mix, and keep warm

I’ve had epoxy that have oxided due to a leaky can(Not West SYstems epoxy though), but it still went off hard. The only porblems I’ve had have been with what other have mentioned, inacurate mix, poor mixing or low temprature.



On cold days I mix the epoxy then put the container of epoxy into another bigger container of hot tap water for 5 minutes to warm it up it seems to give the epoxy a kick start

awesome thanks for the help