Question from a regular surfer

Hello to all. I’m just a normal surfer and still a student, had been gathering money to buy my surfboard in the last two years. I’m being really careful this time because my previous purcharse was a fail for me. 6’0 18 1/4 2 1/4, eps, single concave, round tail, medium entry and exit rocker I would say. I’m 79kg 185cm. I’ve been watching surfboards getting wider and thicker, had a little experience with my brothers board a 5’9 19+ 2 1/2+ squash, single to double, don’t know about the rocker. Damn, that thing was pretty fast, I was amazed how fast it carried speed trough turns. One thing that bugs me is the following: if you get two boards, same rocker, concave, fins placement, tails, rails and the only difference, one wide and short the other longer and narrow. In 2-3ft waves what would be better for pure performance, forgetting about making it easier to paddle, etc?

On small waves I’ll vote for the shorter wider board.

    Two votes.

Thanks Huck and thrailkill, opinions from swaylocks members weighs tons.

Don’t know about pure performance but the short wide one will be more fun.