Question on buffed out acrylic sealer

I was looking through the archives about the “future” acrylic sealer, and kokua mentioned that it could be rubbed out for some more shine. Do you spin a polishing pad on the dried coat, or do you use the ‘future’ as a wet polish?

…Apply the floor sealer with a rag very,very thin coats ,no more that 3 coats.use a scrunge pad/scotch brite pad to rub it out between,and on top of the final coat.Then polish it with car wax(by hand or slowly with a machine). DON’T over polish,or you’ll end up with a mess and have to start over.Herb

I’ve had a lot of luck spraying it on… Though I guess only time will show if it is actually going on thick enough. I’ve had problems sponging it on – creates a white film, which actually turns to a nasty brown film, but slow enough that you don’t notice. …I was doing some repairs and the area around the repair was whiter than the rest of the board… 20 minutes and a sheet of 220 grit later, my board was white again.

Howzit Richard, after the acrylic is totally dry just apply a little thinned out shurlustre and rub it out. What I’m doing now is attaching what we call a rice pot green scrubber to a soft pad and going over the board with it. I find it gives a better speed finish than rubbing out and you stll have the protection of the acrylic sealer. If you use the scrubber before you apply the acrylic it will blend in your sanding marks which gives you an even better looking finish. By the way I don’t use future but acrylic paint thinner, but they’re the same thing basically. Aloha, Kokua