Question on Surftechs

Hi Guys

When ever I see a someone surfing a surftech they never seem to get to the bottom of the wave. Are they too light that it has become inefficient or is it just a case of my imagination. I am reffering to shortboards. I have never surfed one so was just wondering.

Well…Swiftyo -

I’ve just taken delivery of a new balsa sando shortboard…vvvvvv light - substantially lighter even than a surftech of similar dimensions…First impressions are that I can’t surf it like a normal board…I have to push harder and crouch more on my bottom turn…top turns on the other hand …well they seem lightning fast and easy…

I’m kinda feeling the weigt of a regular pupe makes for easier surfing…BUT it’s early days…

Will report some more soon

I rode a 6’4" peter Mel Machine surftech for 6 months last year, I found it rode quite well on my backhand bottom turn as I can throw much more power into the backhand. My forehand however is weak and I did find the bottom turn was not as Good. I got rid of it because I really didn’t like the amount of volume and its distribution, plus they are way too stiff, particularly in onshores where they transmit each bump. But on perfect waves it would be great.

French 7’0" Squash

Merrick 6’8" Flyer

Linden 7’0" (Boardworks)

These are older versions

They work

they just get sketchy at high speeds (i,e, big powerful waves)

and stop dead after a big turn with out a followup pump.

They hang up in heavy winds too

because they are so light and stiff

they are very very quick (throw-around-able if that’s a word)

and can hop from point a to point b (including airs) at a whim

but being stiff there’s no feedback to your feet to get a rhythm

The newer versions (Byrnes, Pattersons, Webbers)

seem much better

because they are thinner and not an exact copy of it’s poly prototype.

That’s the secret

go way smaller than you would think

to get a better performing response.

But like Gary Linden admitted to Sam George…

Stiff Super Light StyroEpoxies all stall

unless you build in flex for some snap

so go for the drive the core weight a 3lb PU gives you

or go for the flex curving snap a perimeter styrocompsand provides.

just one dummy’s opinion though