Question regarding glassing schedule

I’ve got a custom in the works, roughly 6’0", PU/PE twin fin, and I have about a week before it goes off to glassing.  I’m trying to make a few decisions.  The current plan is 4 oz E-glass bottom with 4 oz S-glass x 4 oz S-glass deck, and carbon fiber tail patch on each rail.  Durability is highly important to me.  I can’t spend 700 bucks on a custom and have it not last, know what I mean?  I was originally thinking 4 oz S-glass on bottom with 4 oz S-glass x 4 oz E-glass on top, but my shaper convinced me that deck is much more prone to dings, obviously, than the bottom.  So, I want your advice. My options are:

4 oz S-glass x 4 oz S-glass deck  (with or without carbon tail patches, is it overkill?)
4 oz E-glass bottom

4 oz E-glass x 4 oz S-glass deck (with carbon patches)
4 oz S-glass bottom

or, just spend another 20 bucks and get S-glass all the way around,

4 oz S-glass x 4 oz S-glass deck
4 oz S-glass bottom.

With two layers of 4 oz S-glass on the deck, are the carbon fiber tail patches unnecessary, or overkill?  Other than the fact that they look cool... :D


I am going with a wider lap no matter what, by the way. Thanks for any advice you have for me! I appreciate you taking the time to read through this.

Carbon fiber is not good for dings. It dings super easy. And s glass is 20% stronger than e glass. I you want a strong board go s glass bot and 2xs top. It’s a surfboard. They all ding. They are all fixable. And they are all fun.

epoxy is better than PE resin if you want it to last.  S cloth all around.

…foam is more important; quality and density of the blank, but not overshaping the blank is the thing.

all boards with 4oz have some kind of dents but the main problem in all those dings and compression on the tail are due to overshaping, then poor glass quality and working.

Try to have a blank very similar in thickness to what you want (at least for the next board)


-also, there are no any super light board that can handle abuse, so may be you can go with heavier foam and heavier glass schedue

A smart guy named Benjamin did some revealing tests awhile back.  If I recall, he decided that whatever cloth was used, mixing up the weave direction had a lot to do with the final results...

If you have the bucks, and have a good glasser, S-glass all around.

Next time, if durability is your goal, try EPS/epoxy for stronger build, same weight. Orientation of fibers, custom stringer, and a bit thinner will give you a similar feel to PU/PE.

thanks, s-glass it is!