Question to email list subscribers

Are you still getting an email in your inbox for every message posted? or is it a “digest” style email once a day? Thanks, S.

Digest…But, just before you started the digest, I sent in a request to be temporarily suspended because I was going to be gone for 2-1/2 weeks and didn’t want to overload my e-mail.

I get a e-mail for every message that I post. I don’t see the value in it and can it be stopped? I wouldn’t mind getting emails for special information.

Phil - Down in the lower right corner is a place to uncheck a box if you don’t want response. Just click on the check, it goes away and no more e-mail.

S.: I get an e-mail for each message posted. What is a “digest”? Thanks.Patrick

Mike, I get the digest version thanks Mark Scott