Questions about 4 fins for those in the know

Hey gang,

Looking for a little insight with regards to the next board. Blank is already cut and shaped, based on the same templates as a “post-modern” twinnie I did a while back; 6’1"x22.5"x2.25" with a 12.5" buttcrack and the wide point 3" forward. Changes to the bottom include a single to double rather than the single to vee I used on the twinnie.

After riding the first board, I appreciated the looseness of the twin, but being a thruster guy traditionally, I felt the board lacked projection without a trailing fin.

Was thinking that the next board would go as a quad and that trapping the water under the board with the double rather than releasing it with the vee would help with drive and projection.

I know there are alot of ways to skin a cat and I know there are a ton of different quad set-ups out there. I know everybody wants to know how Manny and Pavel are setting up their fins, but I’ve been looking elsewhere and was wondering if someone in the know could fill me in; Have had a glimpse at Stretches’ quads and noticed that his fins are substantially more inboard than the M+P quads. Can anybody tell me what moving the fins inboard will do to the ride quality?

I’m going to use some home-made fins for this board; have an array at the moment; single and double foiled; cutwayas and not cutaway; I can play with set-up in otherwords. And I plan on using the proboxes, so I’m not worried about cant. Really, what I need to sort out is toe (thought more toe on the front canards and less on the 747s; more like a thruster with the trailing fin slip in to two…) and how far I’m going to place them inboard.

Opinions/insights from those with experience would be sincerely appreciated.