Questions about album twinsman

Hey guys! It is my first post here but as a self-made shaper I owe a lot to this community!

I am working on a 5’4 “high-performance” twin-fin and I am doubting on some key features of the design, in particular with the tail contour and fin placement. For what I have read, I’m really keen on trying to replicate the tail of an album twinsman. In particular the fin placement (which is a bit far back) and the v-panel after the wings.
Here in europe I could never put my hands on one of these boards and I was wandering if any of you guys has it and could help me out!

Thank you lovely freaks

This and image at bottom should give you a starting point for the 5-4 planshape. (Image at bottom is from the 5-4 link — click image to enlarge and copy/download.)

Then play with these: