Questions on how to color and finish my epoxy longboard

hi all

ready to glass my longboard

will be tinting the resin red on the bottom [no cutlap but sanded] for a speedy red longboard

what is the best result for finishing it, do i hotcoat with tinted resin too?


is it better looking product when you start with the color-free deck, so you get the maximum color on the outside?

i was thinking doing 2*4 + pathces deck first, then sand edge

lam bottom red

sand edges

hotcoat pinline area and do pinline

finish hotcoating the whole shabam with tint-free epoxy


btw, what color pinline do you guys think looks the shit on such a board?

here is the board

Any thoughts on lam are welcome too, or other ideas, fusions are already installed...
board is for 78kg surfer surfing poor dutch waves from 2-7 feet [winter!!]


you will more than likely really want to do cut laps for the board other wise you will gat red all over the board where you dont want it

i would only use the resin tent in the lam prosses and i would lam the bottom first and after that has kicked put patches over the fins other wise the patches will be clearly visable and do cut laps, then lam the top with all the cloth that you want

i would go with a black pinline