qui parle francais ici ?

hi !

I got this email today …

someone please translate ?

cheers !


…balsa billy had previously mentioned to me “woodstock on the beach” or something ?!

You taking this piss Chippie? If not a friend of mine ZAPhod Beeblebrox recommends: http://babelfish.altavista.com/

I will gladly translate if you POST that mail, Ben…

d’oh !!

and now i’ve deleted the email …

oops !

something from jean-paul [or was it jean-marc or jean-pierre ? I forget…] at shaperom.net …maybe you know him , balsa billy , and can get a copy or ask what he sent …

my apologies for too hasty email deletions …

cheers ,


Was it about: http://www.shaperoom.net/woodstoked.html

Jean Marc organizes a meeting with amateurs and pro shapers around wooden boards.

Hollow or solid, snadwich or classic…

You just need to have wood parts in the board… even a stringer is enough… if it’s a real stringer.

thanks Lob !

c’est la ! c’est ici ! … c’est [etc] …yes , that’s it !

salut , monsieur !


and now…at the prodding of ‘loic’ , i’ll try to post a few piccies at shaperoom for you guys ! [hopefully not too many people there will have seen them before !!]


Toute l’équipe de Shaperoom.Net a le plaisir de vous convier à la “Wood-Stoked on the beach” organisée le dimanche 18 Juin, plage du Santocha à Capbreton.

Au cours de cette journée placée sous la thématique des planches en bois, vous pourrez découvrir les planches de shapers amateurs et professionnels inspirés par les techniques de fabrication de Dale Velzy, Greg Noll, Paul Jensen ou encore Bert Burger.

Le tout se déroulera les pieds dans l’eau grâce au Santocha Surf Club qui nous accueillera pour une journée, on l’espère, remplie de soleil et de bonnes vagues…

Nous aurons la possibilité de nous restaurer le midi sur place autour d’un barbecue, et vous remercions par avance de nous confirmer votre venue pour prévoir les repas en quantité suffisante.

Rendez-vous donc dimanche prochain, dès 9H au local du Santocha Surf Club de Capbreton (à proximité du CERPS) !



Used google translate to get the following: Hello, All the team of Shaperoom.Net is pleased to invite you to “Wood-Stoked one the beach” organized on Sunday June 18, beach of Santocha with Capbreton. During this day placed under the set of themes of the boards out of wooden, you will be able to discover the boards of shapers amateurs and professionals inspired by the techniques of manufacture of Dale Velzy, Greg Noll, Paul Jensen or Bert Burger. The whole will proceed the feet in water thanks to Santocha Surf Club which will accomodate us for one day, one hopes for it, filled of sun and good waves… We will have the possibility of restoring us on the spot midday around a barbecue, and let us thank you by advance assure us your arrival to envisage the meals in sufficient quantity. Appointment thus next Sunday, as of 9H with the room of Santocha Surfing Club of Capbreton (near the CERPS)!

thanks a lot Paul .

yeegads , is there anything google CAN’T do ? [besides my shopping …and sending waves?]


I thought this part was important and not clear enough from Google.

vous remercions par avance de nous confirmer votre venue pour prévoir les repas en quantité suffisante.

“We thank you in advance for RSVP’ing so we can buy enough meat to char on the barby.”


…will be still missing that one too! Eventhough its closer to home… but I’m still at work then.

An even deepr sigh

Have fun, send pix, and do tell us all the dirty details!