Quick hot coat question (PLEASE HELP)

I have just hot coated my board. I am not going to gloss so i was wondering what i should do to the hotcoat. How much should i sand it? Or should i not snad it at all?


without swaylocks i would never have started shaping!


sand it…and then, just my personal preference, i do a second hotcoat and sand that smooth and even, too. the weight addition is minimal, and it’ll help seal up the board and the weave better. that is, of course, if you don’t want to do a gloss or acrylic finish.


one more quick question. How do i know when im done sanding? What should it look like?

Thanks again

Freeky--------------No shiny spots, no brush marks. Smooth and even. A good hotcoat will sand well with no burn-thrus and minimal weave showing. As previously mentioned , you can apply a second hot coat to take care of the weave and any small pinpoint divots. If you do this, thin your hot coat with acetone 10 -15%. It will be easier to sand. Otherwise just sand the hot coat that you already have and coat it with “Secret Sauce” Future acrylic floor wax. McDing