Quick ID on 2 shapes

As always thank you ahead of time-this are probably obvious but as usual I overthink things…

Recently inherited a 64 Bunger-


Would you consider this a pig shape?and also picked a nice little SNI circa 1975- egg?


The classic mid/late '50’s pig had the wide point at 33% of board length, up from the tail.       Later, into the '60’s, the wide point moved up to 40% and even 45%.        I consider these designs to be modified pigs.       As a case in point, the Phil Edwards Model, was a modified pig.       Phil’s design was outstanding in a wide range of surf conditions.      Measure your Bunger, and you’ll get a sense of where it fits, in the scheme of things in 1964.

Thanks Bill that actually answers a lot of questions for me in general concerning the transition from fifties to sixties 

On the other one… the SNI - I’d agree it’s an egg shape.  A Donald Takayama egg shape by a guy who knew what he was doing in the shaping room. I don’t know if he shaped all of them but I recall being impressed by the quality control of the boards under that label. Without being able to check it over from just the one photo, I’d say it’s a keeper - definitely worthy of a few ding repairs if that’s what it takes to get it water tight.

John thank you for the input as well.  Subtle differences in outline or personal opinions seem to cloud things so much (not that it matters for the ride but I still want to be educated so I appreciate the education I get here)popped off and sanded through the old boat resin patches and should have it ready anytime 

6 4 and has great bottom


p>contours. As you mentioned the shapers skill- it’s 


Rick Hamon which made me very happy So overall turns out to be a great find. Got some history and a nice ride on an egg it turns out