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I am working on building my shaping room now and I thought I would ask what you guys what you thought the minimum dimensions for shaping and glassing in the same room should be. I would prefer to have 2 seperate racks set up in place in one room but if I can’t manage to get enough space in that one room then I will have 2 removable racks.

Thank you for all of your input and time.

P.S - Not looking to do a whole lot of boards as I am mostly just shaping for myself. I am thinking that I would like to be able to set the racks level them off once and use them in place rather then having to swap them out and have to relevel them each time. Like my dad always said (and he said a lot) “Work smart not hard.”

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since you cannot often do both things simultaneously, are two sets of racks really necessary?

its not rocket science, go figure.

I have 2 sets of racks(shaping&glassing) set in concrete in plastic buckets. The ultimate in configurability.

If I had to, I could get by with just shaping racks that I could then convert to glassing racks with ducttape,plastic sheeting and 1 gal cut up milk containers or subsitute some more ingenuity.

Its all you!

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2 sets are good

shaping stands are too wide for decent glassing

you need room to drag that squegee right under

the stands need to be firm and you put tape on them so the boards doesnt move around

shapign racks made of wood in some quickcrete in 40liter drums

glassing stands are car rims with some 1 inch steel and a little t section at the top with a bit of foam and the tape

both you can wheel out the way easily

space can can be whatever you can move around in is enough

you need at least one sidelight