Quick Question about rails

Just finished? shaping the rails on my current project.

It’s solo inspired, 14 x 20 x 16 5/8 with DrewTang’s help templating.

Here’s the question. One rail seems more full (thicker) than the other.

The thicker one is more correct to how I wanted them.

What do I do now? Sand the more full rail, to match the thinner one?

Or leave them alone?

If you’re wondering how this can happen, It’s only my 7th board and I

shape outside under the beautiful Florida sun. I’m sure lights would help.

leave it alone.

you don’t surf the same on your backhand as you do your forehand. a little difference between the rails won’t cause any real loss in performance.

no worries.

measure it

if its close

leave it alone

If its gonna bug ya

match it up and live with it

then Move on

What they said…

Remember that the rails will be a tad bit thicker when you glass the board.

Thanks for the responses.

I posted just befoer heading to work and thought

about the board during my shift.

I put calipers to the rails in numerous spots and they are closer

than my eyes and hands led me to believe.

just gonna leave them the way they are, glass it and ride it.

Photos soon.