Quik cell wetsuits

Well not exactly a question about Surfboard design this time… But has anyone here have any opinions or experience of the new Cell wetsuits from Quiksilver?? I’m thinking about getting a new 6 mil wetsuit for the winter season here in Scandinavia. So what’s the scoop, all hype or pretty good?? Thanks Erik

I don’t have one but I’ve seen quite a few blokes wearing them this winter in Victoria. Water temp 12 degrees C. Store guys tell me they are selling well.

12 degrees is pretty warm. How much are you paying for the quiksilver wetsuit Erik? You might want to check out www.sea-tex.no. They make custom tailored wetsuits right here in my home town and does repairs if anything tears. Many surfers swear by them. A bit expensive tho’. regards, Håvard

I’ve searched around on the net for prices for a 6/4 Cell with hood but haven’t found anything cheaper than 374 usd which seems a bit expensive at first but the usd is on its way down so maybe I’ll buy one anyway. A friend of mine studies in Newport beach calif, so he sometimes helps me out with bringing home surfstuff. I don’t know if it’s possible to get one in Europe?? I’ve checked out sea tex, looks nice but do they come with a built in hood? Also a little bit pricey… Did You score good waves these last days? Looked pretty big on the charts!

12 degrees is pretty warm ??!!

Yeah, seatex is a bit pricey, but usually we can multiply the US$ price by 10 NOK to get the price it will cost in the shops in Norway. Ordering from abroad cost a bit too in shipping + taxes unless you have someone who can bring it and carry the goods through customs. Seatex actually don’t recomend a hooded wetsuit, instead the have a very high neck. They claim it reduces wash trough from the hood. They do custom hoods too. Personally I think the drawstring hoods solve the problem just as good. I’m going with a seatex wetsuit next time around, but then again I have problems finding a wetsuit that fit me well(I’m built like a barrel) Yesterday was blown out, but I surfed a small but fun wave that wraps around a point so it’s actually offshore. Monday was really good, some said the morning was epic, but I think they’re exagerating. Crowded though, but I still got a few good rides. Keeping me fingers crossed for today, a little windy, but side/offshore. Surfs up… Bdw. Erik, do you know of any source for inexpensive(less than SEK 600,- pr. meter) in Sweden? regards, Håvard


That was supposed to be Inexpensive carbon fiber cloth… Maybe if I start reading through my posts before I post them… mvh, Håvard

12 degrees C = 53.6 Farenheit. A bit nippy for S.Cal surfers. KP

The water temp in the Baltic sea goes down to around 35f in winter which means max two hour sessions and sometimes even a bit of ice can build up on the visor of the hood… Håvard Yes i buy my materials from a big wholesale company situated outside of Malmö in Skåne province south Sweden. The company’s name is BHP and their prices are very competitive. http://www.bhp-glasfiberprodukter.se/ Cant remember the price for Carbon fibre but I think It’s well below 600, possibly somewhere around 400 SEK/m The Guy who runs the company is very friendly but in some periods very busy so if he doesn’t answer Your email or whatever just keep at it. Lycka till Erik

…yea we think we pretty hardcore when we’re hittin dawn patrol and the waters in low 50’s; on the plus side so does the rest of SoCal, so the lineup is pretty empty. I love “winter” …in SoCal