R/C surfing. You must see this

Hey Guys, This is so awesome. I want one!


it was overhead, 6-8 (inches, hhahaha)!!!

The thing that scares me about those things is how long will it be before someone gets the idea to build a lifesize surfboard on the same prinicple!

I sat there with a big dumb grin on my face the whole time. Pretty cool, Yorky. There are times when it looks real, the guy in control has it wired.

New school punk, snaking all the longboarders… 8]

     Howzit yorky, The've been around for a long time and the original was called "Surf Bob" ,one of my old room mates had one back in the 80's. Still fun though.Aloha,Kokua

Oh please !


 0.33 and

0.48 and

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4.29 and


  you can clearly see its Tom Carroll.

What a scam !!!


Hey Yorky, if you want to tag-team and really buy one, Im in !

I'm at Broadbeach. 

How much does a Tom Carroll cost?

funny you guys mention Tom Carroll... i read somewhere that they modeled him after TC...

there was one for sale on Surfermag.com classifieds a while back. i forget how much.

looks like fun

I remember seeing some Tom Carroll models of this thing some years back on ebay. They were pretty cheap about $30 or so. I think they used to be sold at Radio shack or something. Theres also a Kelly Slater model that used to sell for around the same amount. I just checked to see how much these things are going for now and they're in the $500 range. I guess I'll need to keep my eyes open at the garage sales.


If anyone is thinking about getting one, it would probably be a good idea to check on the battery replacement cost. A friend of mine plays around with a R/C model off-road race buggy and he said the high capacity version of the battery for it runs around $300.