R.I.P. Tom Sims

Just read that Tom passed from a heart attack at a way too young age.

Surfer, true godfather of west coast snowboarding and a hella snowboarder, family man and all around good guy, he had a fine run.

We had pulled our respective 4x4's into the parking lot of June Mountain at the same time years back, the day after an intense storm, parking next to each other.  We got to talking while pulling our gear out, we were both running solo that day, so we hooked up and spent the day boarding 3' of fresh powder together with maybe 50 other folks on the entire mountain, just having max grins. He was blistering fast down the mountain, and had an endless supply of great stories about the early days of boarding on the lifts.

Never saw him again, knew I had spent the day with someone special.

Endless powder days, Tom, endless powder days...



Yeah, It’s a real shame.

He was one of the real forerunners of snowboarding.

I still have a Sims 165cm asymmetrical snowboard, and it still looks and works great.

The differently located heel and toe side asym. side cut was actually quite functional and cool to ride.

Cool story Icc.  He’ll  be missed for sure.