raffle tickets...

I amy have confused some of you when we offered tickets by mail. That was for people unable to attend the S.A. event in person. We’ll have them there as well. Good luck to everybody already entered!

john- i just e-mailed you. my check i sent was for camping.also, i am bringing up items Chuck at wetsand donated.

Thanks Matt!

John, I’m assuming that this is for people who can also pick up the items right? As in, not for us east coast guys? It’s not a jab but a question as I Hadn’t sent anything out because I thought I couldn’t.

Anybody, Anywhere. If you win something big, you’ll have to coordinate with Lee or myself to arrange shipping. Something small, we’ll cover. Blanks or board bags and we may need some help. At this point, an order for tix will have to be sent overnight delivery.

I can overnight it tomorrow to get to you by friday at 12 right? If so I’ll get the money order tomorrow morning and head to the PO first thing in the AM.

Lee, John, I sent a check out yesterday to Lee for ten raffle tickets, and we are also attending the campout. not sure if my check will get to Lee before the weekend. Opps. Any advice? Sorry for complicating things. Oh, we got a chance to see Surficide play in pismo, A REAL fun surf band for sure! Scott

If I don’t get your $ just buy some at Camp and I’ll tear up your check when I get back…no worries.

Cool. Thank’s Lee.