Rail Logos

Hey guys!

What's the trick for putting the logo decal (rice paper) on the deckside rail??  The bottom lap will fall right in the center of it.  Do you just lay it in a thin layer of lam resin?  I like this placement and have a new logo designed for this spot.  Thought someone might have a trick that is not immediately obvious. 



Howzit Krokus, I do rail lams all the time, one thing is to roll up the lam to make the paper curve to the contour of the rail . This keeps the edges from sticking out. Aloha,Kokua

Hey Mike!

Thats a cool tip but what about it being under the board when doin the bottom lam? Do you position it with some brushed on resin then just squeegee over it when you tuck the lap?? Where I want to place it will fall right under the bottom lam edge. No grinding in that area to clean up before doin the deck. I guess you cuould leave extra cloth like a flap to cover it completely. Whats the modus operandi here?


Howzit Krokus, I don’t put the lam on til after I’ve done the bottom lay up and am doing the deck unless the lam can be totally covered by the bottom lay up. One of my shapers has me put lams on both rails of all his boards so I’m used to it. Aloha,Kokua

Got it!!!

Thanks, that makes sense. I like that position for the lams. Very readable in all manuevers! Hull side on the foam and deck side is sandwhiched. Just now gettin’ cranked back up post divorce BS!

Thanks for the info!