rail question please help

ok so i started shapin my board yesterday, i got it wired down until the rails. i was reading on a bunch of archive stuff and i’m still shakey on what to do or how to begin. i read that i should draw a picture to get an idea of how i want it to start, however, i don’t how to start in my drawing.

i am building a tri-fin rounded pin 6’5" board, made for medium-larger surf basically. i read that a more even rail with a pinched out rail is better because it will bite into the wave more which i need for bigger surf.

also when i’m makin my rails, do i make the all the rails the same, or i read that some ppl would have a 50/50 in the widepoint and as soon as they reach the tail they start shifting it to a 60/40, maybe i’m wrong, i’m confused.

and another thing, where from the top deck do i start making the board turing into the rail (if that makes sense to anyone) where does it start thinning out?? is there a certain measurement before i start thinning out my board into the rail???

I AM A NEWBIE SHAPER but i’m learning :slight_smile:

find another board just so you can look at the rails on them, and if it’s a normal potato chip they should be rounded up in the front and changing from 50/50 to more of a turned down 60/40 and down and down until it’s just one edge. I don’t know much about mini-guns, but lots of other people on the forum do but generally, rounded in the front to an edge in the back. Do some more specific searching looking for stuff like “mini-gun rails” and go to a shop and look at rails on boards like what you want to build. There is no deffinate shape they have to be, just what you like, it’s just a matter of figuring out what that is…

def. go to a shop and scope out a board that you like, take notes on how far down the rails begin to shift from rounded to more sharp, try to sketch sections maybe that you want to copy or emulate. just be very observant, and if youre good with your hands you can run your hands up and down the board to feel the curve and how sharp or how soft they are and where they feel like that, then when shaping your rails, try to get the same feel…good luck!