rail side-view diagram?

I searched already, but can’t find this. I’m not even sure if it’s out there. But I’m looking for a cross section view for each kind of rail…like downrail, 50/50, etc. Does anybody know if this exists? It would be awesome if it briefly explained the concept behind each one, too.


I don’t know if this is exactly what you are looking for, but it should help.




This is the best article I ever read about rails! I’d recommend it to everybody.

thanks a lot

That is a good link, but keep in mind it’s primarily in the context of longboards.

That’s true. But you can conclude after reading this that tucked under and hard in the tail work best for shortboards and you know WHY (the why is the most important about design info and that’s what is mostly missing).

has anyone saved the article or a new link to it?

Found this.

Hope it helps.


Hi Barry,

thanks for sharing this, but I’m looking for the complete article.

I want to learn more about rails and the article is often mentioned here at swaylock’s in different threads when it comes to rails and how they work.




Wow! That is really neat!  In my formative years, I’ve used every one of those profiles…on one board!