Railsavers & A Retro Fish

I just added a Retro Fish to my quiver and I have an issue with standard leashes. My leash plug is located right at the crotch of the swallow tail and I want my railsaver to provide radial coverage down the length of each individual tail. This would require a leash that has an 8” railsaver. However, all of my leashes have railsavers that measure 6” to 6.5”. I also want to minimize the cord, which is why I simply don’t extend it from the plug to make-up the difference.

Anyone out there know of a leash with an 8” railsaver? Any manufacturers and models that you know of specifically?


In the event someone has a similar concern for their Fish. Out of all the leash manufacturers, Balin out of Australia was very receptive. I contacted them directly via e-mail and they fabricated exactly what I wanted for a railsaver and attached it to a leash model of my choice. Had it in about 1-1/2 weeks (including shipping from Aus).

Now the swivel does not bang against any portion of the tail. There might be a little bit more drag vs. a 6" railsaver, but who cares; its a fast fish! Below are some images of the railsaver radius.

balin leashes are my favorite.

good call.

nice board bags, too.